How to grow Schisandra Chinensis from seed

Please let me know if you have found a way to do it.  Everything I read about the plant suggests it would make a really useful addition to my garden as it meets my criteria for being both functional and attractive.  I’ve frozen it, soaked it, warmed it up and still those little hard nuts refuse to germinate.  Suggestions please before I spend more money on another packet of seed.

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  1. How to grow Schizandra Chinensis from seed

    I found this information in the publication of A. A. Titlianov – scientist from the Far East Department of Russian Academy of Science. He introduced 2 staged germination method. Although it is taking long time but it is proved to be working.

    Seeds should be kept in the container with water for 4-5 days water has to be changed daily. After this period drain water then add wet sand in to the container and keep seeds and sand in wet condition for 30 days in the temperature 18-20 degrees of Celsius . Check that sand is not too wet so seeds would get enough air, would be helpful to mix it from time to time. After this period container should be placed in the room (or fridge) with temperature from 0 to 12 degrees of Celsius for another 30 days. Now your seeds are ready for planting, just make sure that soil is warm and wet enough .

  2. Fantastic help. Many thanks. I’ll try that method. I do have one plant but I bought that as a seedling and I do want more.

  3. Yuri –

    Thank you for posting this!

    Once I’ve worked with the method you suggested, I won’t remember where I found your help so I won’t be able to give you an update. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know how successful I am.

    Looking forward to giving the baby vines as gifts to my friends with gardens.

  4. Hi,
    My name is Alexander.
    I live in Ontario, Canada
    I am looking for schizandra plant.
    Have anybody for schizandra plant in Canada?
    Thank you

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